Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the status of my invoice payment?

To check the status of your invoice payment you can go to the Payment Inquiry page. This inquiry tool provides detail for all invoices scheduled for payment. If no matching PO/Invoice Payment Records are found please contact

For Georgia Tech BuzzMart users, enter supplier invoice number and navigate to the Approvals tab to check current status. If the invoice is in department match exception status, click on the View Approvers link to identify department contact to expedite payment.

How can a vendor/payee sign up for electronic payments?

(EFT/ACH) Electronic payments can be made by registering through Georgia Tech's Bank of America Paymode ACH process: All active employees are automatically set up for EFT payments based on enrollment in EFT for payroll.

What are the payment terms for invoices and check request payments?

Payment terms are net 30 days for trade vendors, consultants and sub-contractors based on payment terms from the State of Georgia. Payment terms for refunds, reimbursements, honoraria, utilities and registration are "pay immediately".

Where should vendors mail invoices and/or can invoices be sent to Accounts Payable electronically?

To ensure prompt payment of invoices, invoices should be sent directly to Accounts Payable:

Georgia Institute of Technology
Attn:Accounts Payable
711 Marietta Street
Atlanta, GA 30318-0253

OR, Single invoices can be scanned and sent as an email attachment to, to be electronically scanned into our imaging system. All invoices must reference a 10-digit PO #. Contact the person that placed the order to secure a PO # prior to submission of the invoice.

Is Georgia Tech exempt from sales/use tax?

Yes, Georgia Tech is exempt from sales/use tax for goods received in Georgia. Sales tax exemption forms are available for the State of Georgia and certain other states.

What payments should be processed directly through the Georgia Tech Foundation?

Purchases and reimbursements using foundation funds should be processed through the Institute using standard payment requests procedures. The only payment categories that should be processed directly through the GT Foundation (via the GT Foundation Check Request) include entertainment, holiday events, gifts, alcohol, and extraordinary expenses. Food and group meal events using foundation funds can be processed via the GT PCard and through Accounts Payable for official business events. The PCard cannot be used at any time for the purchase of alcohol.

What types of payments are reportable to the IRS on 1099 misc. form?

Rentals (meeting rooms, real estate, supplies, equipment and hotel rooms), royalties, stipends, awards, legal settlements and all service payments are reported to the IRS on a 1099 Misc form. Payments to most incorporated vendors, government agencies and non-profit vendors are excluded.

Once Accounts Payable receives an invoice or check request, what is the turn-around time?

If an invoice or Check Request Form is properly completed, approved, and appropriate documentation is included, turn-around time is generally 3-5 business days. New vendor set-up can take an additional 3 days. Urgent payment requests must be hand-delivered to an Accounts Payable manager.

How can I update the remit payment address for a vendor?

Accounts Payable will automatically update vendor remit addresses based on the remit address noted on the vendor invoice. Vendors can also contact to request an update to the vendor address on file.

What documentation is required to process a payment to a foreign vendor or international payee?

International vendors require additional documentation and review prior to establishing a purchase order or initiating payment. Please see the Accounts Payable Nonresident Alien Forms Bank for specific guidance regarding payment for services, honoraria, reimbursable expenses and fellowships. Typically, vendor/individual set-up is initiated via the IRS W-8 form, rather than the Vendor Profile Form. For more information regarding policies and procedures for paying an international vendor, please contact

I have an invoice for goods/services that did not initiate with a BuzzMart PO. How can I get this paid?

If you receive an invoice that is not associated with a PO and the invoice is less than $5,000, use the Confirming Order Only Form in BuzzMart. No PO will be sent to the vendor. Use that PO # to approve the invoice and route to AP as noted above.If you receive an invoice that is not associated with  a PO and the invoice is $5,000 or more, use the Non Contract Form in BuzzMart and include the invoice number and the words “Unauthorized Purchase”on the line description. A contract officer will review and create a PO to encumber the funds, but no PO will be sent to the vendor. Use that PO # to  approve the invoice and route to AP as noted above. 

If the invoice is received in Accounts Payable and does not reference a BuzzMart PO (but has a ship-to address that references the department that placed the order), the invoice will be routed to the department's WebNow queue for approval.

Complete the Invoice Payment Approval Form within WebNow and route the invoice forward to the ‘Pay’ queue for processing. For orders greater than or equal to $3,000, entering a receipt is required in BuzzMart (Receipts tab) prior to release of payment. Departmental financial approvers will manage and approve any match exceptions for invoices that exceed PO tolerances.

How do I make a payment for a group meal or event that includes food and beverage?

Review policy "Purchase of Food and Group meals for Employees, Students and Guests", AND the Food/Group Meal Procurement Grid on the Food Policy page to ensure you are following the right steps (activity, allowable participants, funding sources, purchasing methods and any other additional requirements). Then submit a Food/Group Meal Event Documentation Form to Accounts Payable, in addition to the vendor invoice and Check Request Form.

How do I handle an invoice or voucher that is in a match exception status in BuzzMart?

See the Match Exception Grid for reasons/actions related to voucher match exceptions. Also, see BuzzMart "Voucher approvals" process guide.

How do I send a payment in foreign currency?

Use the Wire Transfer Request Form to send funds in foreign currency.  Please note the funds in foreign currency on the form and currency exchange will be performed by the bank at time of transfer.