Procurement & Business Services

Procurement & Business Services manages and provides service support for the “Procure-to-Pay” process and related systems.  These activities support the procurement and payment of goods and services in support of Georgia Tech's instructional, research, and public service programs.  Procurement & Business Services is comprised of Purchasing, PCard, Business Systems, Accounts Payable, Travel, Insurance & Claims, Logistics/Surplus, and Property Control.


Unknown persons have been attempting to use Georgia Tech’s credit references to open accounts with vendors. Some vendors have also received a mocked-up version of Georgia Tech’s PO which has a rendering similar to a real PO number issued by Georgia Tech.

Suppliers can validate official GT Purchase Orders by going to the Vendor PO Validation and entering the PO number received.  If you have any questions contact

Notable Accomplishments

Georgia Tech Received a 100% Audit Score on Federal CPSR

Georgia Tech received a remarkable and rare, 100% rating on the recent Federal Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR) conducted by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in the second half of 2013.

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Important Updates from Procurement & Business Services

Early Closing Fridays Before Home Football Games To Support RV Game Day Parking

Procurement & Business Services will be closing at 3 pm on the Fridays before home football games to support RV Game Day parking in our parking lot.

Revision to Rental Car Contracts For Official Institute Travel - Effective August 25, 2014 (GT login required)

Georgia Tech employees now have additional options for out-of-state car rentals...

BuzzMart Release 14.2 - July 21, 2014

This latest release has minimal impact with a few cosmetic changes.  In your “My Profile”, the Email Preferences has changed to Notification Preferences. Also, there is a great new feature that displays invoice totals on the voucher tab. For a more in-depth look at these changes, please review the New Features document.

If you have any issues after the release, please email

Streamlined airfare direct billing process for Georgia Tech travelers

Procurement & Business Services is pleased to roll out a streamlined airfare direct billing process for Georgia Tech travelers...

Enhanced Electronic Vendor Profile Form (e-VPF) Available April 21, 2014

Procurement and Business Services is pleased to announce that an enhanced electronic Vendor Profile Form (e-VPF) is now available.  Use of the electronic form makes the process of adding new vendors faster, more secure, and provides better communication to our suppliers and consultants...

Online Food Ordering in BuzzMart

Georgia Tech has partnered with America To Go to add online food ordering to BuzzMart.  You can now place food orders using Foundation or GTRC funds through BuzzMart...

Change in the Approval of Catalog Requisitions under $3,000 - Effective March 17, 2014

Effective March 17th, 2014, the BuzzMart requisition approval process for catalog requisitions under $3,000 will change to require up-front approvals.  Currently, catalog requisitions under $3,000 do not require up-front approval, but rely on a back-end approval report, the “Expedited Transaction Report”...