Procurement & Business Services

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Procurement & Business Services manages and provides service support for the “Procure-to-Pay” process and related systems.  These activities support the procurement and payment of goods and services in support of Georgia Tech's instructional, research, and public service programs.  Procurement & Business Services is comprised of Purchasing, PCard, Business Systems, Accounts Payable, Travel, Insurance & Claims, Logistics/Surplus, and Property Control.


Unknown persons have been attempting to use Georgia Tech’s credit references to open accounts with vendors. Some vendors have also received a mocked-up version of Georgia Tech’s PO which has a rendering similar to a real PO number issued by Georgia Tech.

Suppliers can validate official GT Purchase Orders by going to the Vendor PO Validation and entering the PO number received.  If you have any questions contact

Important Updates from Procurement & Business Services

New Features in BuzzMart Release 15.3 - 11/15/2015

Check out the new features in BuzzMart Release 15.3.  There is an updated look after completing a requisition, improvement to breadcrumbs, and new receipt reminder emails.

Change to BuzzMart Attachments

Do you attach documentation to a form or a requisition line in BuzzMart?

Starting on Monday, October 12, 2015, attachments can only be added to the header of the requisition. Read more about how to add documents to the header.

Fiscal Year Re-key Information

To see the Crosswalk for FY14 Non-Sponsored Open Encumbrances that were re-keyed into FY15, please see the spreadsheet FY14 Crosswalk Rekeyed Orders.

To see all FY14 Sponsored Open Encumbrances that were closed as of June 30th, please see the spreadsheet named FY14 Sponsored Orders Rekeyed by Campus.   If these orders are still needed, please put in a new requisition. The Entering Prior Year Requisitions document will show you how to enter in the Sponsored requisitions and reference the prior PO number.

T&E enhancement allows for claiming hotel expenses without meals - 05/29/2015

The Travel & Expenses system has been updated to allow for claiming hotel expenses without meals...

High Risk Vendor Purchases

In response to a recent audit at Georgia Tech, the High Risk Vendor Purchase Authorization Form must be completed in advance of payments made through PayPal (the only high risk vendor identified to date) using the Georgia Tech Procurement Card. The effective date of this change is May 1, 2015.

The Procurement Card Policy is also being changed to include the use of the form for High Risk Vendors and Policy Rule Violations.