Important PCard Program Changes Concerning New State PCard Policy – Effective April 1, 2017

The PCard Program changes went into effect April 1, 2017 reflecting requirements in the New State PCard Policy.   Georgia Tech submitted its PCard Plan (with exception requests) to the State addressing the new mandated State PCard policy.   A final version was approved by the State PCard Office and the State Office of Planning and Budgeting and returned to Georgia Tech in the last few days with an implementation deadline of April 1st.   The new plan incorporates many changes to our PCard Process at Georgia Tech as a result of this PCard Plan.  Many of the most impactful concerns are mitigated to some degree by the approved plan.  

The links below outline new execution requirements that went into effect April 1st.   The Dual Approvers (not subordinate to the card holder) have been updated in Concur, the pre-approval form is posted and card limit adjustments are complete.   Additional information is available on links below.  The new PCard Training and Certification for 2017 will be released later in April with a State mandated completion date of May 15th.

Your cooperation and support has been invaluable and is appreciated in working through the challenges set forth in the new State PCard Policy.

The following plan exceptions and instructions are located in a single document at the link below:

PCard Requisition Form

PCard Requisition Instructions and Exceptions for the requisition process and limit increases

PCard Plan Timeline