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Helpful Information

The Non-Finalized Statement Report shows all Statement Reports that are unsubmitted or not fully approved, to assist departments in getting Statement Reports completed.

Non-Finalized Statement Report  (updated 04/25/2017)

The Default Project by Department Report shows all cardholders and the default project assigned to each card, listed by department (updated 04/14/17).

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Project Information

Georgia Tech has contracted with Concur Technologies for the use of the Company Billed Statements (CBS) program to reconcile, approve and audit procurement transactions on a monthly cycle aligned with the card statement period.

The primary benefit of using the Purchasing Card module of Statement Reports is its ability to manage spend and uncover savings through the automatic creation of statement reports. Reconciliation pains are eased by allowing the client to manage and limit the number of statement reports per statement cycle. Concur Intelligence provides the increased visibility required for clients to identify volume, frequency, and spending patterns.

High Level Overview Presentation

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Project Milestones

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Meeting Information

Decisions Made

All Concur PCard Lead Team meetings are held every Wednesday from 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm in the Large Conference Room at Procurement & Business Services (711 Marietta ST NW).  User Team Meeting will be announced.

User Team Meetings
08/16/2016 Meeting
07/26/2016 Meeting
04/19/2016 Meeting

Concur Pcard Project Contacts

Support Level Name Department Email Address
Executive Sponsor Frans Barends Procurement & Business Services
Project Manager Ajay Patel Procurement & Business Services
Technical Lead/ IT Developer Peggy Romano Procurement & Business Services
Credit Card Administrator Bev Wright Procurement & Business Services
Administrative Support Keysha Buchanan Procurement & Business Services
Lead Team Members
Don Cochran Grants & Contracts Accounting
Emily Howell College of Engineering
Cheryl Rankin GTPE-PE Programs
Carol Gibson Controller's Office
David Goldfarb Facilities
Carol Whitescarver OIT
Adam Smith OIT-Information Tech Services
Julie McCoy GTRI
Harry Beck Electrical & Computer Engineering
David Moore College of Sciences
Sandy Mason Grants & Contracts
Victoria Anderson
User Group Members
Betsey Kidwell Student Affairs
Jewel Coleman OIT-Enterprise Information Sys
Adam Smith OIT-Information Tech Services
Christy Ellis OIT
Jan Zehner OIT
Veronica Stokes Controller's Office
Linda Davis Controller's Office
Asha Holder-Gouglas Controller's Office
Scott Harlan GTRI Information Systems
Cameron Geiss GTRI Accounting
Jasmin Frett-Hodge Materials Science & Engr
Lynette Duffy Mechanical Engineering
Laura McMahon PE
Nena Gray Biology
Alexandria Rich Biology
Kerry-Gaye Rainford-Creary College of Architecture
John Richardson Facilities, AVP
Quinae Ford Facilities, AVP
Ron Stutts Scheller College of Business