Updated AP Payment Request Form – Effective January 1, 2017

The 2017 AP Payment Request form (linked below) has been updated to reflect the changes indicated below.  Please begin using the new version of this form immediately.

As of February 15th, anything submitted on the old form will be sent back to the department with a request to use the new form.

AP Payment Request Form Updates

The AP Payment Request Form has been updated to reflect the new, streamlined processing methods.

Please see table below for payments categories that have been removed from the AP Payment Request Form.  

Payment Category

Process Method as of Jan 1, 2017

Utilities, Telecom, Shipping, Postage, Homeland security

BuzzMart ePayment request - More info on the ePayment form


BuzzMart PO

Rent paid to vendor (Hotel rooms for visitors or Events, Student/Visitor Transportation)

BuzzMart PO

  PROCESSING: Please submit form and supporting documents as a single PDF attachment to apinvoices@gatech.edu . To avoid processing delays, please ensure that all supporting documentation and appropriate approvals are included when submitting this form. Processing time for AP payment requests, if all information is correct, is 3-5 business days* upon submission of the form to AP. *This does not include 24 hours for AP queue upload. 

Form Submission: The completed AP Payment Request form can be submitted, along with supporting documents, to apinvoices@gatech.edu.

Updated AP Payment Request Form:  AP Payment Request Form (Updated)

Questions? Please send an email to ap.ask@business.gatech.edu