Food/Group Meal Procurement Policy Information

Effective 08/01/2013, the Institute implemented changes to both the Food/Group Meal and PCard policies to ensure compliance with USG and DOAS policies.  A summary of the Purchase of Food/Group Meals for Employees, Students and Official Visitors policy is posted below, in addition to a revised Procurement Grid, Food/Group Meal Event Documentation Form, and a presentation that covers policies and procedures related to Group Meal procurement.

The major impact of this policy change is the requirement to discontinue use of the PCard for Food/Group Meal purchases that do not strictly comply with the state policy.  Coffee, bottled water, beverage service, and snacks can be processed through Accounts Payable using Foundation funds, but the PCard cannot be used, regardless of funding source. 

If the PCard is used as the form of payment, employee meeting events must strictly comply with the 4+ hour meeting length requirement, in addition to state meal per diem limits.

Events categorized as entertainment must always be processed directly through the Foundation.

Information concerning GT approved caterers and policies is available from the Catering Options page.

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Food/Group Meal Policy

Food/Group Meal Event Documentation Form - REVISED 04/2014

Allowable Cost Matrix