BuzzMart Training Update

BuzzMart Training Update

On March 1, 2017 Procurement rolled out a new BuzzMart Training Guide. The new online modules for BuzzMart Shopper and Requester provide step-by-step direction for entering requisitions in BuzzMart. The new Purchasing Policies and Procedures training provides an overview of purchasing rules. The BuzzMart Training Guide is accessible through the BuzzMart Training Page.

Individuals seeking Shopper, Requester, Spend Approver, or Finance Approver roles are encouraged to take Financial Management Knowledge Development (FMKD) training. FMKD provides an excellent foundation for BuzzMart training. This series of consists of two tracks: The Financial Fundamentals (FF) and Extramural Sponsored Programs (ESP).  The FF and ESP tracks of the FMKD training series are accessible online.

BuzzMart Shopper and Requester online training is required for individuals seeking those roles. This newly designed training allows students to pause, stop, or rewind through sessions to create a better learning experience. Online training is accessible through the GTHR Training website. For the best experience, online training should be taken before the classroom session.

Purchasing Policies and Procedures classroom training is held monthly at the Procurement & Business Services office located at 711 Marietta Street NW. Participants must register for classroom training through the GTHR Training website. Register early, because space is limited.

Contact if you have any questions about BuzzMart Training.