New Student Payment Form and Guidelines – Effective May 1, 2018


In an effort to streamline the student payment process and be in compliance with IRS and FLSA regulations, the Student Payment Form has recently been revised. Guidelines for the submission process for  student payments have also been provided.

Effective May 1, 2018, the new revised Student Payment form is to be used to request student payments for awards or activities that are unrelated to employment only.

These type of payments include:

  • Award/Prize
  • Honoraria/ Performer
  • Student Group Officer
  • Advisor/Student Mentor
  • Research/Survey Participant
  • Human Subject Payment

These types of student payment requests are to be submitted to AP via to be processed.

Students who perform any type of service for Georgia Tech are to be on boarded as employees. The types of services listed below are examples of activities that are to be routed to Payroll: 

  • Note Takers
  • Campus Recreation Center (CRC)
  • Graduate Research or Teaching Award
  • Technique Newspaper
  • Wreck Radio
  • Stipends

These payment requests are to be submitted to Payroll via Please contact Payroll to obtain further details on which HR form should be used, and the details on how to on board students as employees.

Payment request forms submitted to AP for activities related to employment will be routed back to the originating department so they can be properly routed to Payroll. For additional information or any further questions, please contact