Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Under what circumstances is an E-Verify affidavit needed?

Effective July 1, 2013, an E-Verify affidavit is required when any services greater than $2,499 are procured.

What's is the definition of a service?

Clarification has been sought on this topic. Please see the list of common purchases that have been classified as services. Please note that this list is not all inclusive and there are many services that are not on this list. If you have additional questions about this topic please contact

How do I know if a vendor has a valid e-verify affidavit on file?

Vendors who are active on E-Verify have an orange asterisk icon near their name in BuzzMart. You can see this icon when you use a BuzzMart vendor. The example below shows a vendor with the E-Verify icon on the Non-Contract Items or Services Form:

E-Verify icon in BuzzMart

Do I need to get the e-Verify affidavit or will Business Services get it?

Business Services will obtain all required affidavits from vendors that are issued PO's in BuzzMart. However, to expedite the processing of a requisition, end users may obtain the affidavits on their own and attach it to the requisition. Before obtaining the affidavit, please check to see if the vendor already has one on file.

Where can I find the E-Verify affidavit form?

A copy of the form is avaliable on the E-Verify page of our website. Other acceptable forms can be found on the Georgia Dept of Audits and Accounts website.

What is the Federal Work Authorization User Id or E-Verify Company Identification Number on the affidavit?

This is the number issued by the E-Verify system to the vendor when they register.

What is the Date of Authorization the affidavit?

This is the date that the Federal Work Authorization Number was issued.


If the vendor is performing multiple jobs on campus, what should they put as the field Name of Project or State solicitation/Contract No?

In these cases, please leave the "Name of Project" field blank.


Are faxed/scanned copies of the affidavit acceptable?

Yes. If the notary has a seal, the seal must be visible on the scanned or faxed copy.


If I get an e-Verify affidavit, where do I send it?

E-mail the affidavit to  If you have a requisition generated, please attach the affidavit to the requisition also.


If a PO was issued prior to July 1,2013, but the work is being done after July 1, is an e-Verify affidavit required to pay this vendor (and payment will be made after July 1, 2013)?

No, an affidavit is not required because the PO was issued prior to July 1, 2013.


If a change letter/change order is submitted on a PO for services (originally issued prior to July 1st) that results in the total value exceeding $2499, is an affidavit required?

Yes, an affidavit is required.


We have recurring monthly services payments to a vendor that are each less than $2499, but are greater than $2499 in total. Is an affidavit required for this vendor?

Yes, an affidavit is required.


Are foreign companies exempt from this requirement?

If the services are being performed outside the US, then they are exempt from this requirement. If the work Is being performed in the US, please contact to see if the affidavit is required.

If goods and services are bundled together, is an affidavit needed?

If the "services" portion of the purchase is greater than $2499, then an affidavit is required. If the services are less than $2499 (even if the total purchase is greater than $2499), then the affidavit is not required.

If a vendor has no employees, do they need to fill out this affidavit?

O.C.G.A.13-10-91 allows for contractors to submit a drivers license in lieu of the affidavit if they have no employees. Please note that the drivers license must be issued by a state within the United States that verifies lawful immigration status prior to issuing the drivers license (Georgia drivers licenses are therefore acceptable).

How often do we need to get the affidavits?

Affidavits are valid for one year. This may change if the State provides a different interpretation.


Who can I contact if I have a question that has not been addressed here?

Please submit a ServiceNow request to Procurement for all questions related to the new E-Verify requirements.

Where Can I Find Georgia Tech's e-Verify Affidavit?

Click on the Georgia Tech E-Verify Affidavit link to view and download the affidavit.